No Way!

We have a crystal clear "state of the art" sound system for superb sound...
with Volume Levels adjusted to YOUR preferences!

Over the years we have noticed that the proper volume is often a concern
and we make that one of our priorities.

I'm sure you have experienced a party that was virtually ruined
because the band was "too loud"... especially during dinner.

Well, we have solved this problem by designing a unique sound system
where there are no individual instrument amplifiers or floor monitors on stage.

---> We go direct into a 26 channel mixer and we hear the Dance Floor Mix with "In-Ear" Monitors
So WE hear (on stage) exactly what YOU hear!!

In that way we know that we are giving you
the perfect balance ("the mix") of all the instruments & voices.

Also, we can control our entire sound system with an iPad
so throughout the night we can move around the room
making adjustments to our volume to guarantee that your guests are experiencing the appropriate level for what's happening at your wedding.

That's right, we can be as soft as a whisper (for dinner for example),
or sound like a "Dance Club" for dancing.

And remember this....when you watch our DVD, the sound that comes from Your speakers
is the same "mix" that will come from Our speakers at your party, but with better quality!

Our sound equipment is both compact and unobtrusive.
There are no individual amplifiers on stage which means we can set up 8 or 9 musicians
on smaller band stands than most bands and with a clean look that won't take away
from the look and style of your dining room.