Our services are customized to your tastes
through our personal planning sessions.

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We will help you create the
perfect wedding of your dreams...

and we will make planning your wedding
as easy as possible.

If you select the "A" Band for your wedding, this list of key points should help pre-answer
many of your questions and should give you an idea of what to expect and what you'll get.

  • You will receive 4 hours of continuous music. We will keep them dancing through out the night,
    except when the caterer wants guests to be seated so he/she can get the dinners out.
  • During (sit down) dinner courses we will continue to play lighter music. We offer
    a nice balance of quiet ballads, "Cool Jazz" (a la CD 101.9) as well as Broadway Show Tunes with keyboards & voice or trumpet even solo classical guitar.
  • If you desire music for your Cocktail Hour and/or your wedding ceremony, we can supply you
    with a wide variety of combinations from solo guitar or piano to a small jazz combo.
    Or if you would prefer classical music, we have many possibilities from harp to string quartets.
  • We offer a wide variety of ethnic entertainment possibilities that will make your party totally unique.
  • We have a crystal clear"state of the art" sound system for superb sound... with Volume Levels
    adjusted to YOUR preferences!
  • Our sound equipment is both compact and unobtrusive. It is flexible enough to handle small intimate rooms as well as large catering facilities.
  • There are no individual amplifiers on stage which means we can set up 8 or 9 musicians
    on smaller band stands than most bands and with a clean look that won't take away
    from the look and style of your dining room.

    For more info. on our unique sound system and how we can control the volume...
    click the
    Volume Complaints? button.
  • We are fully insured so that we meet any concerns your caterer may have.
  • We will sit down with you prior to your wedding and help you coordinate the timing of your party.

    You'll be dealing directly with a band member so you can be assured that all your wishes are carried out.
  • You will receive a function sheet approx. 2 months prior to your affair, where you will specify
    all the particular details.

    For example: the song for your first dance, who is giving the toast and of course
    the proper order of the wedding party introductions.

    There will even be places for you to put in writing songs that you would like to hear,
    and songs you'd like not to hear.

    Everythng will be written down and in front of your Master of Ceremonies (Frank Elmo)
    to make sure all your requests are fulfilled.
  • You will be able to speak directly with Frank approximately one month prior to your affair, to discuss specific instructions concerning your party.
  • You can feel comfortable knowing that there will be an early arrival and set-up of our equipment,
    before the guests arrive.

    We have an extremely reliable set up crew that will have the band ready so the musicians
    will only have to plug in and play.

    Your band won't be all tired out from lugging in equipment and setting up the stage.
  • There will be exciting bridal party introductions tailored to your specifications, plus the handling
    of any announcements and activities.
  • You'll get an extraordinary music repertoire with hundreds of selections from the 40's ...
    to the popular dance hits of today which represent our many years of experience.
    Click Our Song List button for a look at your song possibilities.
  • We have a simple contract to guarantee reliable service without any surprises or hidden extra charges.

    You'll know exactly what you're getting, and get what you expect.
  • Our Policy concerning "seeing us perform live at another client's wedding....
    We have found that most clients do not appreciate having strangers standing by the doorways peering in at their parties, and Caterers don't like it at all.

    So we can Guarantee that we will not have our perspective clients intruding on your private affair.